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EDC Bloggers Going Into Debt: What's the Price of Pocket Dump Content?

Seattle, WA - The infamous pocket dump photos are synonymous with the EDC culture. First it was selfies, now it’s the contents of a person's pocket, neatly organized for the viewing pleasure of the internet.

For the EDC culture, seeing what other junk people carry in their pockets is interesting. Some common elements of the coveted pocket dump include: a knife, flashlight, pen, notebook, wallet, and key organizer.

Plenty of EDC blogs and websites specialize in the pocket dump. As one could imagine, keeping the interest of the audience of the said blog or website is difficult without producing new content.

Insert EDC blogger and pocket dump specialist Haden Vanderschlit, as he is facing a content crisis due to this very issue. According to Vanderschlit, “The idea was to get the blog fired up and create a sustainable income to buy more items for my pocket dumps.”

He admits that, “I went wrong by taking that $5000 bank loan to buy new items for my EDC repertoire.”

Vanderschlit is currently in debt past the amount of the initial loan due to compounding interest and not making any money from his EDC blog.

Vanderschlit can rest assured he's not alone in this content crisis, we also asked prospective famous Instagram poster, Daniel Dillonhall about how his EDC debt has drove a wedge between him and his wife.

“She doesn't understand, I can only use so many filters and rearrange a certain setup so many times before my audience realizes I'm not showing them anything new.”

He explained that the pocket dump is an art, almost like a Feng Shui, “you want to invoke a certain feeling out of the viewer; something to keep them interested and coming back.” He insists that he gets more views on a pocket dump with more expensive items in the inventory, which only drives up the cost of his debt.

Needless to say, while the methods of Vanderschlit and Dillonhall are nothing new, they aren’t doing something right if they’re in debt despite a plethora of new content.