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How 3 EDC Knives Can Save Your Job, Or Your Life!

There is a looming debate amongst the internet EDC crowd: Can one carry too many knives?

People who fall into this category will typically carry a small, medium, and large knife. Given the range of sizes, one would assume this person will encounter a range of tasks throughout their day.

But where minds are really getting blown is when people reveal that they're carrying 2 to 3 of the SAME SIZE knives!

Being a subjective question, there is really no “right” answer. However, we wanted to break down the different answers we tend to hear from the community, assigned to the different types of EDC sub groups they fall into.


Based on the table above, the blue collar subgroup seems to have the most legit reason for carrying multiple knives, with either the preppers, or collectors, coming in at a close second.

Dallas, Texas native, Mark Svenbag, gave us his two cents on his reasoning for carrying three knives.

“As an HVAC tech, I need multiple tools to get the job done. I carry my ZT 0350 for the heavy work, a Leatherman Wingman for when all of the tools in my work van wont get the job done, and then a Victorinox Classic SD to get the dirt out from under my fingernails after a job well done.”

There is definitely some legitimacy to the multi-knife carry argument. For instance, you absolutely can’t cut rubber tubing with your grandpa’s sodbuster, that slip joint is simply not strong enough; in this case, you need a “hard use” folder or fixed blade to handle that task. On the other hand, try using that sodbuster to turn a screw loose; once again, use the tool for the task, which would be a screwdriver.

For New England Park Ranger, Boss Whimbelton (real name), his EDC load out was the difference between him going home to his family alive, or in a casket. In this SHTF scenario, Whimbelton was charged by a 480 lbs black bear, who was packing a set of 10 razor-sharp claws.

Whimbelton, in his own words, recalled the entire event, in vivid detail:

“I literally got caught with my pants down! As I’m finishing up dropping a deuce behind an old stump, I heard the sound of something running at me through the brush. Sure enough, it was a big ole’ black bear, pissed off at my very presence. So naturally, I draw the Benchmade Adamas, which is the auto version, and stick him right through his neck! As he is wrestling with me, making it apparent that my stab to his jugular was futile, I reached for my Kizer Sheepdog. This decision I immediately regretted, as that sheepsfoot blade ain't stabbing nothing. So while I’m still wrestling the bear, with one blade in his neck, I cleverly sliced his belly down to his mid section...which, I might add, was done flawlessly because of the utilitarian properties of the Kizer’s blade shape. Ensuring to finish the fight properly, I pulled out the Benchmade Griptilian, sporting a tanto style blade for added tip strength, to dig far into his chest, breaking and chipping away at the organs inside.”

This situation is certainly to be chalked up as a win for not only the Preppers subgroup, but for also the entire EDC community. Far too often people are judging others who wish to be overly prepared. However, when your job or life depends on the tools in your pockets, the opinions of those judging your pocket dump photo are meaningless.