3 EDC Items I Actually Carry

Do you ever wonder what people actually EDC?

Do they really carry that custom pocket pry, ADV Butcher, Spyderco Dragonfly, Olight Baton, challenge coin, and a front pocket wallet by Recycled Firefighter?

I can't speak for others on what they ACTUALLY EDC, but I can reveal what 3 items I literally have with me everyday.

My 3 mainstay EDC items are simple and essential, which are:

• Plastic Grocery Bag

• Synthetic Urine

• Hot Sauce (Louisiana)

Plastic Bag

My first item is the ever important and economical plastic grocery bag. Ever since buying my 10 liter Goruck Bullet, I've ditched my lunch box in favor of a grocery bag.

In the past, I would take everything I needed for work in my giant (24 pack capacity) lunchbox. Once I had the Goruck, I just needed to tote my lunch in something that could fit inside the small, main compartment.

With a plastic bag and a Goruck, I went from a mass produced Chinese lunchbox, to supporting an American made company and “going green.” At the end of the day, I can throw the bag away, and toss my tupperware in the Goruck.

Synthetic Urine

Without this item, I wouldn't have a job. I operate heavy equipment, and if I fudge up, I'm going for a drug test immediately.

Of course, I'm not gonna give up on my ganja just to support my family, so I always need to be prepared. Every morning, as I gear up for the day, I grab my fake pee and stick it down into my boot. This method keeps the urine concealed and warmed to my body heat.

Dishonest? I think not. With the rest of the country legalizing the herb, I simply feel like a passenger on the underground railroad. What I mean is, I’m not really doing anything wrong, so if I have to go around the system to secure what I believe to be as my RIGHT, then so be it.

Hot Sauce

This is a must have food additive. I certainly didn't marry Martha Stewart, so I usually need to spruce up my lunch.

I don't have the quintessential hot sauce belt holder/sheath; I would like to believe that I'm cooler than that. I just carry the small bottle of Louisiana hot sauce in my pocket with all my other EDC kit. Also, in a SHTF scenario, I could use it has a weapon to toss hot sauce in the eyes of my enemy. As for brands, I’m strictly a Louisiana guy; I like my sauce hot, but not THAT hot.

Why These 3 Items?

Everyday carry items tend to be subjected to the tactical spectrum of gear, when in reality, anything on my person is EDC. My 3 items above illustrate the real and gritty items I carry to get through the challenges of the day.

If you're hesitant about diving into the EDC online culture because of the intimidating #pocketdump photos and snobbish gear elites who run the forums, rest assured, GEARFACTS.COM writer, Klaude Marks, has proven the community otherwise.