How "EDC" Could Lose Its Significance In The Everyday Carry World

Toronto, ON - As the Everyday Carry (EDC) phenomenon continues to expand beyond the pocket content of knives and fidget spinners, an unsuspecting population of the greater Toronto area has assumed the acronym for their own purposes.

Tom Foxanne, who is the representative of the UHPT, or United Homeless People's of Toronto, explained why they're adopting the EDC acronym.

“The term, homeless, is really quite derogatory. When we conceived the name UHPT, we did so because there is really no other way to describe our circumstances.”

So if the UHPT doesn't want the term, homeless, associated with them, what will they use?

“We appropriated the acronym, EDC, from the everyday carry culture, and changed the meaning to, everyday camping.

Foxanne explained that the homeless population fit well into the already established everyday carry world, as they carry not only what they need, but also all they have.

“Everyday camping is just perfect for our people. Sure, most of us are here because of unsettling circumstances, but when you look at your situation as camping on the streets, rather than being homeless—it’s a mental game changer. Instead of being the UHPT, we are now the EDCT”

The group plans to take their official name change to the city council and request that all areas under a bridgeway be deemed a campsite. In addition, they have submitted a proposal to KOA, or Kampgrounds of America, to sponsor soup kitchens, an effort the EDCT believes will enhance the quality of food.


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Photo Credit: Roy Henry