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Cold Steel Promotional Video Goes Terribly Wrong

Ventura, CA - Industry heavyweight, Cold Steel, recently shot a new promotional video for their new NCE product line, which stands for, No Conduct Electricity. This product line of swords, machetes, knives, and guillotines feature a new type of blade steel that doesn't conduct electricity.

In Cold Steel fashion, they went ahead with the usual rope-suspended pig slashing, to demonstrate blade performance. However, to up the ante, and most importantly to show off their new blade technology, they opted for a live pig with its head immersed in a pool of electric eels.

Where things go terribly right, is when the pig took a page out of Chuck Norris’s notebook, specifically from Missing In Action 2, and raised himself out of the water with one of the eels in his mouth...dead!

A representative at Cold Steel told Gear Facts, “Wow—just wow! We all sat around for a moment in awe—we all kind of assumed the shoot was over at that point. Then Shannon came across the pig’s stomach with the new NCE Battle Cleaver Sword, severing him in half!”

Known for their gimmicky antics, Cold Steel attributes their sales success to the popularity of their videos, demonstrating and testing new products in a variety of disturbing ways.

“We tend to catch flack from the animal rights gurus, but we ALWAYS donate the meat, spoiled or not, to the local homeless shelter.”

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Photo Credit: Roy Henry
Model: Kerri Murray