Survivalist Bear Grylls Endorsing New Gerber Product

Gerber recently unveiled their new grilling accessory line, Bear Grills. Quite obviously, the product line is an extension of the Bear Grylls survival tools.

Not only are the utensils for the grill, but they also fold up to fit in your pockets, making the entire set a perfect addition to anyone's everyday carry. The entire set consists of a foldable spatula, tongs, pitchfork, ladle, and brush (for your butter and olive oil...you know how the Brits are when they're roughing it!)

Bear told Gear Facts, “I got tired of the survivalist gig and decided to branch out into comfort products...I'm more than a one trick pony. Sure, eating a mix of snails and worms is great for the telly, but I prefer a full course meal and camping out of my wife's SUV.”

The product line isn't set to hit stores until summer of 2019, as they want to allow Bear’s new show, Running Wild, to play out, as Gerber wants his image to change from famed “survivalist” to humble “camping enthusiast.”

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